Incendies (2010)


Few moments in life combine poignance and relief the way becoming a parent for the first time does. Here is this new life begotten by another; that of parenthood, by way of the life just brought into the world. Regardless of how good or bad a parent one is ultimately to become, parenthood is a permanent tag. Whether the child pans out to be another feather in a cap is nary the point. Indecies can invoke that notion while throwing in the parent’s past life. Mainly the balancing act of how much is divulged to the child(ren). Equally complicating is the timing and the solicitation of that information. How much are we privy to immediate ancestral history? Inversely, are we obligated to share hardships that predate our children? Does any of this go against the self-imposed/endured sacrifice to give a better life to those that follow? We are conditioned to presume such sacrifice is a given. A welcome burden and an unspoken assumption. Incendies blows up these preconceptions to an incredible extreme. The question that begs itself, if relatability and disconnect between generations are now the norm, why then aren’t similar disclosures the rule instead of the exception that they are? Why are they not a rite-of-passage of sorts, instead relegated behind the birds and bees talk? Should we not demand more discourse, and less omission? Continue reading