A Gripe about Modern Soccer Programming

Last night I’ve mustered enough of the inconvenient will to go to the common TV room at work to see if maybe, a big IF, they had the game I wanted on. This doesn’t happen often. In the past that usually came with the risk of that proposition (of the game I want on) blowing up in face with another game being on, and then me having to feign an interest in hanging out with the fellas. It’s a group I don’t particularly enjoy spending time with unless there was something else to occupy me. Like the game I want on. The game then becomes the prop for conversation. The risk of having my pretense exposed the moment I walked in, frankly, is too immense to justify the reward of the viewing experience. Here, the payoff hinges heavily on circumstance, the chance of the game being good. And delayed gratification is a reality I have only recently matured enough to consider. I never thought myself to be that deliberate on a subconscious level, but I guess nothing like your thoughts leering back at you from a computer screen for some self-discovery. This is what I do. Continue reading “A Gripe about Modern Soccer Programming”

Brazil’s World Cup: Coroner’s Report

With the deafening silence of 28 teams and a daily games slate now a bygone, a certain nervy evening, today, has the feel of a distant memory. As we fixed the dish and satellite receiver while a pandemonium thousands of miles away bellied to a festive behemoth, I thought to myself: what if by the time we fixed this, Croatia was a goal up? It had to have been a pessimistic gesture of the mind to round off our last minute unpreparedness. The cherry atop the comedy of errors. And what do you know.. The signal comes on and we’re at last on, 30 minutes late for what the entire world, it felt, had been taking in from the start. Croatia was up 1-0 against the hosts.

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World Cup ‘Round of Brazil’ plus 15

There was plenty to both love and hate from this latest round of play in the World Cup. Indeed, 2014 has cooked up a storm of surprises. Consider the worst of the sport next… Of the eight games in the second round of this increasingly puzzling tournament, only three were decided in regulation. The rest have all gone into extra- overtime, with two settled by … Continue reading World Cup ‘Round of Brazil’ plus 15