Demon’s Souls Chronicles Pt. II

ARGH!! I’m in Latria Tower now. I accumulated more than 13,000 Souls only to fall off a cliff while trying to retrieve them. So much for clearing this stage in three hours.

Why do I keep playing this game? No time to kick myself over it. I feel I’m ready to face the next Boss, the Fool’s Idol, but I had my eye on the Ring of Avarice. The stage merchant carries one, I’m sure the only one in the game, and I’m afraid if I progressed further in that World she’d either move shop or sell it to someone else. For a mere whopping 50,000, I can get my hands on this Soul multiplier. I have no better way in mind of racking up so much loot in as little time than here. There are enough big Demons in close proximity that’ll drop anywhere between 400+ to upward of a thousand Souls here. I just need to play smart and use the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes because in Soul form, my life bar won’t sustain me past one attack from these baddies. It’s either that or I have to postpone the paper chase until after at least one more Vitality upgrade. How could I be so careless after all I’ve seen? I had to have learned the lesson by now, surely. My dumbass. Continue reading “Demon’s Souls Chronicles Pt. II”

FIFA 2014 World Cup on PS3: First Impressions

It’s that time again. No, I wasn’t talking about the FIFA World Cup. That’s not til June, man! It is the month of May preceding the mega event, so that means the FIFA World Cup video game is out for all your fantasy scenarios to play out. Don’t want France in the World Cup? You can knock them out in the preliminaries. Or better yet, … Continue reading FIFA 2014 World Cup on PS3: First Impressions

Jill Valentine

Resident Evil on Nintendo GameCube

Visual aides will be posted from a PC later eventually.

Lying somewhere between game freak and having had a fair share of video games, I’ve had a surprisingly low number of instances of rushing home from the store to play my newest, most anticipated game. One to be precise. The Resident Evil reboot on GameCube. Long fan of the classic survival horror and eerie architecture (subjective), I learned of this one a year after it has been out. Couple that with console exclusivity deals and Nintendo’s new direction in the post N-64 generation, and it is summed up why the apprehension in purchasing decision. A seventeen year old won’t just shell out a few hundred bucks. My uncle brought with him the Xbox 360 and a GameCube when he returned from college and, presto, one half of the puzzle was solved. It had been two-and-half years already since the game was first released. Continue reading “Resident Evil on Nintendo GameCube”