Apocalypto (2006)

For Apocalypto, having the billing of a story occurring in the wane of the Mayan civilization just as the Spanish arrived, while not entirely a falsehood, is, in essence, beside the point. History, and indeed prior exposition, take a backseat to the centerpiece action in a movie bordering on the epic in terms of both scale and stylings. Continue reading “Apocalypto (2006)”


Snowpiercer (2013)

Given the shortest of notices going in, expectations were the least of my moviegoing prejudices with Snowpiercer. With no prior knowledge of the movie whatsoever, and too little time between finishing lunch and catching Oculus, I took an atypical leap of faith and went by hunch. That and a curiously worded synopsis, and here is what I learned. Continue reading “Snowpiercer (2013)”