Two Girls One Cup was after all a Brazilian stunt if urban legend is anything to go by anymore. Not that I’ve tried, but apparently your gag reflex will instinctively kick in for the act to be attempted in full. So much for scat and skeet being just one vowel away? The reason I prefaced my thoughts on a film with a take on extreme fetishism is simple geography. But also as I’m complex as to have gone on occasional dives into peculiar rabbit holes I understand that in certain recesses of the world a vulgar brand of human behavior can exist and if not for our curious consumption here then obviously to score exhibition points anyhow. Russia and blue whale? Brazil and bestiality porn? Continue reading

A Wolf at the Door (2013)

In small towns, where economic stagnation abounds and sex ratios are skewed, it often goes that you don’t lose your girlfriend, you just lose your turn. Oddly enough, and, while I do not recollect its overarching context in the argument, this was an expression I was introduced to by someone who—to my dismay—simply wouldn’t go away. Quite the contrary for her, it turned out, in becoming the acquiescent moment arrived at with equal parts resignation and a faux optimism. That no sooner than I’d dump her, I would find my way back around as if sliding on love’s Moebius strip. In other words, why bother? Continue reading