Maniac (2012) — a POV Look

Starring Elijah Wood

Fitting quite a few notable criteria the American Psychiatric Association would deem typical in many a serial killer — male, loner, targets females, same race — Maniac the reboot does well by avoiding trappings of the genre. Effectively, this contains it firmly within the slasher sub-genre, a considerable distance outside of the pure serial killer. This makes for easy pigeonholing. By no means was any statement above an indictment of an original I have not seen. Continue reading

Snowpiercer (2013)


Given the shortest of notices going in, expectations were the least of my movie prejudices. With no prior information of Snowpiercer whatsoever, and too little time between finishing lunch and Oculus, I took an atypical leap of faith and went by hunch. That and movie rating metrics (7 on IMDb, intriguingly worded synopsis). Unlike people, say, in a blind date, movies do not thrive in the absence of expectations. Some may take the world by storm but in hindsight it is rather the human element that creeps under the radar — not their work. I am not going to shit on a film I know nothing about. To uphold fairness, one has to know enough to justify a dismissive attitude. I walked in unknowing and out well-informed, and here is what I learned. Continue reading