The Outsider (2014)

Holy mother of Jesus. In Hollywood, insipidity seems to get redefined on a continual basis. And, to the chagrin of plenty, business is good. It has got to be, seeing the demand to churn out movies of the ilk is alive and well. It is not that The Outsider is a formulaic, by the numbers treatment of an overdone theme. But the peevish nuisances it can never avoid that condemn the affair. Obviously along with the severe flaw that is the script. Cringe-inducing and mail-it-in may be apt description for an effortless beatdown. Seldom are they applicable to an entire movie featuring several. That it was the film’s sole accomplishment is an indictment of cast and crew, along with one certain viewer. I feel ashamed for having outlined a 1,500+ word statement deploring others to stay clear. As a public service and a cathartic purge, here it is. Continue reading “The Outsider (2014)”