Wadjda (2012)

Dearth is the scourge of the inquisitive mind, and honest reviews of the seminal movie from Saudi Arabia were hard to come by. I’ve checked. In the year between it making the rounds and my having watched it, I was perturbed by the unanimous acclaim thrown its way. Nothing is absolute. Save for death, maybe. Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes’ algorithm suggested otherwise. So I’ve read the reviews, and scoured the net for an impartiality that soon began to require the efforts a quest would. And so it was, on Google page 24 that I decided to see Wadjda for myself and author an opinion. This time I did find a torrent, picked a 1080i version and pressed play on my Xperia, and not that I stand pat by my suspicions today, but let’s just say I wasn’t wrong in harboring a yearlong skepticism. That it came to be is a feat impressive on many levels, and an achievement in logistics so monumental, but only that I’m afraid. And precisely because of those same circumstances, the hoopla generated is no more than a duped congregation that failed to see the forest for the trees. Yes, lost in all the ballyhoo and ensuing back-patting is that there were sleeves to roll up, and a film to critique. No wonder why no one listens to critics. Continue reading “Wadjda (2012)”